Who are you??

Like millions of other people I subscribe to any number of blogs via RSS feed. Because it works for me I have the new installments come in via email rather than newsreader; there’s no way I have time to visit the actual sites.  Perhaps I’m the only one who’s noticed, but when these posts come in, all I get is the overall title of the blog and the title of the new entry.  If you haven’t included your name in either place I have no idea who you are.

I know we all think we’ve come up with interesting, whimsical names for our blogs, but when you’re following ten or twenty or thirty a day, they tend to run together.  Storyfix.com?  Confessions of a Mystery Novelist?  Magical Words?  All good blogs, all ones I follow, but I lose track quickly of who’s who.  If you want me to imprint on YOU, on how clever or informed or wise you are, you need to prod me.  Remind me. Slip your name in somewhere.  Because, honestly?  I’m too lazy and too time compromised to read the post and then follow the link just to satisfy my curiosity.  Odds are I’m going to move on, which is a shame.  I would prefer to fix you in my memory.  But you must make it easy.

I now have three blogs which come into my weblog feed all distinctively entitled “Blog.”  Helpful, right?  Unfortunately I like all three or I’d delete the lot and make my life easier.  Authors, please–sing your praises.  Squeeze in a name.   Toot your horn, for isn’t that the point?  Because next time one of you teases me with “Want more craft? Please consider my book…” and you don’t tell me who you are, I will ignore your link.  I will.  I swear it.




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